I'm Suwas Walve. I'm a Game Programmer. I did my Master's in Entertainment Arts and Engineering (Game Engineering) from the University of Utah. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

Over the past 4 years I have worked on several Game Projects. I worked on the Steam published VR Game ‘The Tower: Last Stand’ (HTC Vive), while I was working at d/dx Labs. I also worked as a Gameplay Engineer at Sandman Studios, wherein I worked on the strategic tower defense game called ‘Rogue Legion: Legion of 5’, which introduces Stan Lee’s new Superheroes and Villains from his upcoming Super Hero film ‘Legion of 5’. While working at these studios, I learnt a lot about the team dynamics and other ingredients required for the success of any project. Recently, 'RoBros', the PC game I was working on, as an AI/Gameplay Engineer, for the past 2 years, was greenlit and published on Steam. 'RoBros' was one of finalists at the Terminus Conference + Festival Golden Joystick Awards. I am currently working as a Game Engineer, at Tiered World Studios, on a fun AR Game project for kids, which helps them improve their aptitude for Programming Logic through engaging interactive AR narrative. I am also working at ‘Dilmer Games’ as a Game Programmer, wherein I am making a Level Builder and Inventory System for a Mobile Puzzle game.

I am used to and enjoy working on multiple roles in a game project. Hence, I have also worked as Game/Level designer on several projects. I have worked on multiple Game Engines. Also, I have made my own Game Engine in C++. Additionally, I have also developed an AI toolkit which contains different modules for several Steering behaviors, Mini-Max, Learning Algorithms, Path Finding, Decision trees etc.

In addition to my problem solving and programming skills, I consider myself very strong in Math and Physics. Moreover, I have a good artistic sense and a fair amount of experience using Photoshop and other 3D modelling softwares. As a result, I have contributed to the Game Art several times.

I am currently also, working on an HTC Vive VR Game 'Cricket VR' which uses Unreal Engine.