I'm a Game Programmer. I did my Master's in Entertainment Arts and Engineering (Game Engineering) from the University of Utah. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

I'm currently working on a variety of AR/ VR / MR applications at Subvrsive. Over the past 5 years I have worked on a variety of PC / Mobile / AR / VR / MR Game/ Interactive Projects some of them being published on Steam (VR Game ‘The Tower: Last Stand’ (HTC Vive), 'RoBros').

I am used to and enjoy working on multiple roles in a game project. In addition to working as a Gameplay Engineer or AI Engineer on most of the projects, I have also worked as a Game/Level designer on some projects. I have worked on multiple Game Engines. I have also made my own Game Engine in C++. Additionally, I have also developed an AI toolkit which contains different modules for several Steering behaviors, Mini-Max, Learning Algorithms, Path Finding, Decision trees etc.

In addition to my problem solving and programming skills, I consider myself strong in Math and Physics. Moreover, I have a good artistic sense and a fair amount of experience using Photoshop. As a result, I have contributed to the Game Art several times.

I am currently working on an HTC Vive VR Game 'Cricket VR' which uses Unreal Engine 4.