Primary role:

Game-play Programmer

Secondary role:

Game Designer, Level Designer, Artist








Feb 2016 - May 2017





'Robros' is a Steam published robot-themed action-strategy escort FPS game, in which gameplay is split into two phases: Planning and Action. The first phase is planning your escape by plotting a vector path on a 2D map. Due to your power supply being damaged, you have to make a path while picking up spare batteries along the way. Once you make a path that makes it to the exit, you switch to the 3D Action phase and protect your robot companion, who provides you energy, as you both fight your way through the corridors.

'RoBros' was one of 12 finalists at the Terminus Conference + Festival Golden Joystick Awards!


  • 2D Phase Gameplay: Implemented all the features available in the 2D phase. Some of them are listed below

    • Undo:  Used multiple stacks to store the data corresponding to all the moves made by the player. This enables the player to move to any previous move he has made.

    • Battery Simulation: The amount of battery remaining was simulated on the basis of the path length. The battery amount was changed with cursor position dynamically (Real-time) to give the player a better idea of the battery that would remain. Additionally, moving the cursor over a battery pickup would lead to temporary collection of that battery pickup, which further improves player experience. Hence, in general pickups were simulated real time to help the player take better decisions. Different colors were used to simulate things better.

    • Obstacle Simulation: The actual obstacles in the 3D phase were simulated in the 2D phase using 2D colliders. Ray-casts were used to detect them and hence put movement constraints on the player.

  • AI: Implemented vision for the Enemy AI entities. Enemies have a specific angle of vision within which they can see. In addition to mathematics, Ray-casts and distance was used to implement this feature. In addition to this AI feature, I also worked on the ranged detection AI for the Enemies.

  • Shooting: Worked on the Gun Shooting implementation. We implemented 2 guns (Shot gun and Pistol). We implemented the Angular spread for the Shot gun.

  • Score:  Designed a formula to calculate the score. Various factors were considered while calculating the score. Each factor was weighted before adding to the total.

  • Art: Worked on the 2D phase art.

  • Game Design & Level Design