The Tower: Last Stand



‘The Tower: Last Stand’ is a Steam published Tower Defense HTC Vive VR game set in the Medieval Age, wherein you must defend yourself against a large onslaught of demonic enemies.


  • Enemy AI: 

    • Sword Combat AI:  Sword Combat AI for the Knight includes states like 'Attack' (strike the player with the sword and included 3 different attack states within it) , 'Defend' (uses Shield to defend himself) and 'Dodge' (back out to avoid getting hit by the player). Probability was induced into the states to make the combat AI fun.

    • Archer AI: A margin of error was induced in the shooting so that the arrow doesn't always hit the player. The probability distribution curve was designed in such a way that the probability of the archer aiming at the player's chest was maximum and it went on decreasing away from the chest. Moreover, there were chances that the arrow might miss the player's body. This helped in making the AI more realistic.

    • Arrow Ballistics: Implemented the ballistics for the arrow shooting so that the Archer aims and shoots the arrows at the player. Basic Kinematic equations were used.

    • Enemy Attack Wave System: The wave system was designed in such a way that the next wave started only after all the enemies from the previous wave were spawned and about 95% of them were killed. This was implemented using multiple coroutines. Moreover the number of enemies on the field were controlled with the help of coroutines.

  • Player and Enemy Weapons: 

    • Sword:  Implemented swords with the help of colliders in such a way that they could be used for attacking as well as for defending other sword attacks.

    • Shield: Shields were implemented in such a way that they had properties of a wooden shield. (When Arrows were shot at them, they partially went through them and got stuck. Hence, they felt more like wooden shields)

    • Bomb: It had an Area of Effect damage. The damage given was inversely proportional to the distance from the center of explosion.

  • Enemy navigation: Enemy navigation through multiple floors of the tower was done using Off-Mesh LInks.


d/dx Labs


Game-play Programmer, AI Programmer


PC (HTC Vive)






May 2016 - July 2016