This is a 2 player turn-based puzzle game consisting of a Sudoku, where the numbers represent the weights of that cell. The purpose of taking a Sudoku is to distribute the weights evenly. The aim of this game is to collect as many weights as possible. Players take it in turns to select a cell. If you select a particular cell the selected cell (i.e. its weight) is permanently yours but the surrounding 8 cells are temporarily yours. Now the other player plays and he can select any cell, even the temporary opponent cells. The temporary cells which remain untouched become permanent after one chance.

Technical DetailS

  • Heuristic Function: I have designed a simple AI agent for this game. I designed a heuristic function which takes a linearly weighted sum of all the different factors which are needed to be considered before making any move. I found the best possible weights for this function with the help of my knowledge about the game. In my algorithm this heuristic function was evaluated for all possible moves. The best alternative was chosen on the basis of this function by the algorithm.










Nov 2013